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A Bit About Me

My name is Lisa Chapman and I am 36yrs old, living in Poole, Dorset with my dog Kobi. Kobi is a 3yr old Alaskan Klee Kai in his last phase to become an assistance dog through Dog A.I.D.

I have Chiari Malformation, Syringomylia and Addison’s disease along with IICP. I am in a wheelchair and have right hand side weakness with nerve damage, along with Addison’s which means that I get very tired very easily. I had a shunt fitted in Feb of this year which has been a godsend as before I was mainly bed bound for 2 yrs previously. 

I got into shooting when they put on disability sports evenings at my local sports centre (Rossmore). They did sports like badminton, tennis, self defence, basketball, rugby and one evening a month was air rifle shooting. I enjoyed it so much. About 6 months later they asked me to join the local gun club; Hurn rifle and pistol club which is a disability hub club for British Shooting. 

I joined and started shooting a few different types of guns and decided rifle shooting was for me!

August this year came around and I was asked to fill in forms to go forward for the British Shooting Paralympic Talent Squad. I put the forms in, not expecting anything back as I knew how popular it would be. September came round and I had an email asking if I could go to Stoke Mandeville in October for a tryout, interview and physical.

October 14th came along and I was so nervous! 1000 applicants had been whittled down to 12.. and I was one of them!! Putting my best wheel forward, I went into the interview, then into the physio for a physical and classification, then onto the shooting range for a tryout. I have to say, I thought I hadn’t shot my best, so wasn’t expecting much, but the wait was still daunting! Finally in November I had an email saying I had been accepted!! 1000 applicants and only 2 people to go through. I was over the moon.. but now the hard work would start! Training camps twice a month for a minimum of 3 days at Stoke Mandeville stadium plus training at my local gun club.. and that is without even starting the fundraising! 

This is an amazing opportunity to hopefully get to the Paralympics in Tokyo in 2020.

If anyone would like to sponsor me or donate to my journey please go to my Go Fund Me page;

Please help me get to my goal of being a Paralympian. 

Here is a press clipping of my enrolment into the British Shooting Paralympic Talent Squad 

About Lisa

My name is Lisa Chapman and I have been accepted into the British Shootings Paralympic Talent Squad.

This is an amazing opportunity to hopefully get to the Paralympics in Tokyo in 2020, but unfortunately I have to fund equipment and travel expenses until I get to the Paralympic team.

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